Introductory fight

Objective: Introduce student to preflight inspection, flight in a light aircraft, and the four fundamentals of aircraft control

Discussion topics:

  1. Fitness for flight (IM SAFE)
  2. Positive exchange of flight controls
  3. Required certificates and documents for pilot and aircraft
  4. Airplane logbooks and required inspections
  5. Aircraft fuel system.
  6. Aircraft electrical system.
  7. Location of emergency equipment
  8. Use of checklists
  9. Weather briefing basics.
  1. Starting procedures
  2. Radio communications
  3. Taxiing
  4. Before takeoff check
  5. Normal and crosswind takeoff and climb
  6. Effect and use of primary flight controls and trim
  7. Collision avoidance procedures
  8. Parking and securing aircraft
Completion standards:
  1. Display understanding of aircraft systems, use of checklists, preflight, and post flight procedures
  2. Demonstrate understanding of aircraft control